Khary Penebaker Values Diversity in all Communities.

“I am committed to continuing to be a voice against hate, and a person who understands and values the importance of diversity in all communities.  As our communities change, our approach to leadership must change. We cannot remain on the sidelines while families are shamelessly attacked. We need to work together to createcommon sense solutions to the problems we face everyday.”

Thank you to everyone who shared pictures of their diverse families.  Please keep sharing these with us. We love seeing them. You can tag us on Facebook or Twitter. Your response to us has given us encouragement. The Penebaker family photo has been shared all over the United States in response to the Old Navy campaign and it has introduced us to many new friends who believe in that power of diversity. As Khary meets more people on the campaign trail he is repeatedly told that we are all looking for common sense solutions in Washington. Your images prove we all come from different places but hold many similar values.

Khary Penebaker Proudly Stands with Families from All Walks of Life

Diversity comes in many different packages. It takes all kinds of people to bring strength to the ideas we need for our future.

Learn more about what the Milwaukee Courier reported today. #Khary4Congress #TeamKhary