Khary Penebaker Wins Primary, Will Face Jim Sensenbrenner in November

WAUKESHA – Khary Penebaker, candidate for Wisconsin’s 5th United States House of Representatives seat, won the uncontested Democratic Primary.  Mr. Penebaker will now face Republican Representative Jim Sensenbrenner in the November General Election.

“Our victory is an important step toward real change for Wisconsin’s 5th District,” said Mr. Penebaker. “My opponent wants you to believe his 38th year in Congress will be the year he finally delivers on his promises. I’ll only need one term for that.”

Khary Penebaker is a longtime Wisconsin resident and a small business leader in the Wisconsin roofing industry. He is a husband, a father of three, and a lifelong advocate for public safety issues.  Mr. Penebaker declared his candidacy after weeks of one-on-one meetings with Southeastern Wisconsin residents, many of whom expressed frustration with the broken U.S. Congress.

“Donald Trump’s candidacy is a test of our legislators’ character. Sadly, Rep. Sensenbrenner failed the test when he endorsed Mr. Trump,” said Mr. Penebaker. “I have fought my entire life for issues I believe in, even when my opinion has been unpopular. As Representative, I will continue to stand up for the citizens in my district. I will never compromise my ideals when times get tough.”