Khary Penebaker Challenges Rep. Sensenbrenner to Five Debates

WAUKESHA – Today, Khary Penebaker, 5th Congressional District Democratic Candidate for Congress, challenged Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner to five debates throughout the district before Election Day.
In a letter sent to the Sensenbrenner Campaign today, Penebaker urged the Representative to give the people of the 5th Congressional District the opportunity to learn where each candidate stands on the issues the citizens care about most.

“Jim Sensenbrenner has been in Congress for nearly four decades with no real record of accomplishment. The people of the 5th congressional district have helped pay his salary during his time in office. They deserve to know whether he will work for their best interests after failing to do so for so many years,” Penebaker said in a statement on Thursday.


“I’ve traveled all over the 5th district and have heard the needs of the people. Our district needs a leader who will help businesses grow and create jobs, raise wages, help young people and their families afford college, and focus on everyone’s best interests, not just those at the top. I believe these are issues that need to be addressed immediately, and I am ready to talk about my plans to better the 5th district. If Jim Sensenbrenner is serious about doing his job, he will agree to these debates and will tell the people how he plans to finally start addressing their needs, not just filling a seat in congress,” Penebaker concluded.


During his time in Congress, Jim Sensenbrenner has been an absentee representative, whose only interest has been serving his big campaign donors.  If Rep. Sensenbrenner wants to prove otherwise, he should accept the debates and tell the people of the 5th district why he is best suited to represent them.