Sensenbrenner Dodges Debate

Today marks six weeks since thirty-eight-year incumbent Jim Sensenbrenner was challenged to a series of debates by Khary Penebaker, his Democratic opponent.  The challenge was delivered by certified mail via the US Post Office and announced online.

No response has been received from Jim Sensenbrenner by email, telephone message, text, mailed letter, social media post or any other known form of communication.  Mr. Penebaker did not ascribe any specific motive to the failure to respond, but noted that there is “a long Congressional tradition of laziness” and “a new Congressional fad of ignorance.” Khary Penebaker also refused the possibility that his opponent was trying to distance himself from other Republican candidates. “The Congressman has already shown that he is not afraid to defend Donald Trump’s values.

“The people of Southeastern Wisconsin deserve honesty and hard work from their Congressman, even if he is a nineteen-term incumbent. Congressman Sensenbrenner’s refusal to defend his political values in debate insults citizens who have voted for him for decades, abandons the people who are concerned at the sudden transformation of the National Republican Party, and sets a poor example for students everywhere,” said the Democratic nominee for the US House of Representatives for Wisconsin’s 5th District.

Khary Penebaker believes that voters deserve to know how their next Representative will stand on the issues that affect them such as:

  1. Creating good paying jobs for veterans
  2. Mental health care
  3. Domestic violence reduction
  4. College affordability
  5. Student loan interest rate controls
  6. Ensuring opportunities for new four-year and technical college graduates
  7. Maintaining safer communities
  8. Common sense gun reform
  9. Tax incentives for businesses to grow and expand
  10. Healthcare and the Affordable Care Act
  11. National security spending
  12. Homeland security spending
  13. Drinking water quality
  14. Preserving parklands for future generations
  15. Child health and wellness programs
  16. Quality funding for high performing schools
  17. Standards for academics and student learning
  18. Technology improvements in the classroom
  19. Women’s health and wellness
  20. Protecting Social Security
  21. Affordable prescription drugs for seniors
  22. Tax relief for middle class taxpayers
  23. Investing in roads, bridges and highway infrastructure projects
  24. Enhanced university research and development funding
  25. Improving response times to public concerns

Democracy is not served when our elected officials hide their views from the public.